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Find inspiration for a special moment in your life, open solutions to a particular question / mystery / challenge, or simply play with your mind. I prescribe art that fits!
Art has the potential to heal the soul. Art opens minds. It can show new paths and give a new perspective on things. If you lack the time or inspiration to find art that fits your current situation, or if you want fresh ideas, then let me help you find it. Click here

With some information about you I will put together a personalized prescription of art: 3 suggestions of 1 or several art forms to inspire you. Books, movies, music, paintings, sculpture, dance, architecture, poetry, TV, street art, photography, circus… Let art unleash its magic on you!

Your prescription

Complete the information, pay the amount you think 3 personalized suggestions are worth, click CONFIRM, and in less than 5 days you will receive your tailored art prescription. 

How much is this art prescription worth to you? Pay as much as you like. Or send me a receipt of a donation you have done in the last month, that will work as payment too!

Do you want to give art as a present for your loved one, friend, brother or sister, cousin, work colleague…? To seduce someone with your spot-on art suggestions? Do you need a little help finding the perfect poem or song for a special person?

Just complete the form with details on who it is for, and if it should fit a specific situation. The person will get a beautiful gift prescription via email with your message. Order gift here.

Information… is a very subjective word. Provide as much information as you want, but as a minimum please describe the situation you want your prescription for, and the language you prefer it in (English, German, French, Spanish are possible). The more precise details you give me, themore specific the suggestions will be.

Do you prefer suggestions on just 1 art form (only movies, only poetry?) – just let me know. If you want more than 3, or a weekly / monthly / yearly subscription, or have other good ideas, please click here. I also offer country-specific prescriptions.



It is spring and I feel blooming!

I would suggest the book “The language of flowers” by Vanessa Diffenbaugh


I thought I was happy living in my hometown with friends from school and a stable job. But suddenly I feel like escaping and I don’t know why!

Try listening to “Hong Kong” by Gorillaz


This morning I saw a strange big bird flying past my kitchen window

Why not look at Charles Bukowski’s poem “Bluebird”?


My wife passed away some months ago and I cannot get out of this deep hole.

Here I would prefer to have more specific details of what the feeling is like, but I can suggest for example some Klimt paintings.

About me

Lost my way many times, then sometimes found my way again through a book, a song, a movie… this is what I want to share!

Art is my passion. It is a very special means of communication, as it creates bonds by making us feel less lonely and more united; someone felt as we felt, or needed what we needed.

I have an MA in Audiovisual Communication and over 25 years of experience in collecting art examples in my head.  And on lists: mine is a robust trove (reservoir? repository?) of books, music, movies, theater plays, sculpture, street art… all waiting and ready to be prescribed. Both Spanish and German are my mother tongues and cultural backgrounds, and I have now lived in Switzerland for over 10 years.

I like languages and work in English and French too. I am a bit of a documentation freak. I gather art examples through many channels: magazines, online blogs, news, festivals, radio, friends, etc., and filter the best to find what situations they fit. I am a keen art consumer and love movies, books, and any other art form.

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